Superfloats Aluminium Grating Deck System Brochure

Superfloats Aluminium Lattice (SAL) Frame


  • Marine Grade Aluminium 6082
  • Standard Lattice Frame Length Of I.E. 6m, 12m & 18m
  • Varies Lattice Frame Width Available
  • Modular Construction, More Width Can Be Achieved With Multiples Of Above.
  • Decking Option
    • Alum. Grating Deck C/W Pebble Wash
    • Alum. Grating Deck C/W Hardwood Cladded
    • Hardwood Balau
    • Custom I.E Omposite Timber
  • Standard Connection With Hinges.
  • Custom Connections Option Available.
  • More information in brochure (download above).

SuperfloatsAluminium Truss (SAT) Frame


  • Marine Grade Aluminium 6082
  • Standard truss Frame Length of i.e. 6m, 12m & 18m Varies truss frame height available i.e. 1m, 0.5m, 0.7m, 0.35m
  • Modular construction, more width can be achieved with multiples of above. 
  • Decking option 
    • Alum. Grating deck c/w pebble wash 
    • Alum. Grating Deck c/w hardwood cladded 
    • Hardwood Balau 
    • Custom i.e omposite timber 
  • Standard connection with hinges.
  • Custom connections option available.
  • More information in brochure (download above).