Floating Wetland Module Product Brochure

Floating Wetland Modules

Floating Wetland Module (FWM) are floating platform where suitable shrubs/plants can be grown on and thus floating on the water surface. Depending on the weight or type of planting intended. It can range from a very simple foam + wire mesh or a more robust type such as Superfloats FWM where additional buoyancy loading can be provided.

The Superfloats FWM Modular Prefabricated Units shall be foam filled floats of dimension 1200 x 1200 x 300mm complete with void space for distributed planting material filling. The void enclosure to be filled with Superfloats Capillary Cuspate Tray c/w planting material.

The FWM can be arranged in rows and shall consist of these multiple float-stacked-up units or the walkway be additionally fitted with half-round floats depending on the loading requirements. The adjoining modular units shall be capable of loosely connected with the fastening link designed for easy engagement/disengagement to allow for quick replacement. The fastening ropes or pins shall be of non-corrosive type construction.

The various types of FWM below can be used in combination to create an irregular shape floating islet/island as necessary.

Module SS/Aluminium Mesh


Module SS Chain Link

Module GI Cage (SS Optional)


  • Foam filled floats of dimension 1200mm x 1200mm x 300mm

  • Strong PE Skin Wall i.e. 3.8mm; 5mm etc.

  • Virgin PE UV inhibitor

  • Optional Strong Connection Point

  • SS/Alum mesh

  • SS Chain link

  • GI Cage (SS optional)

  • Custom Design Available Optional EMS Mooring Systems & LDD can be used in strong lateral drift forces environment.