Floating Structures are exciting propositions to any waterfront development. In addition to aesthetic appeal, they enhance the value of the real estate significantly. Also it allows access to otherwise unreachable areas, thus maximizing the usage of the land.

We present herewith a thousand waterfront ideas that may instill imagination for your waterfront investments.




Superfloats platforms can have diverse functionality such as fishing platforms, docks, and marinas among others. Our solutions will be tailored to client specific requirements as well as the respective codes of practice.


Superfloats offers quality engineered solutions to floating structures in sheltered waterways, ranging from pedestrian bridges or carparks etc, while meeting the specific individual requirements.


Superfloats delivers structurally sound floating houses, villas, and restaurants that can be placed close to the vicinity of the city or its fringes, and waterfront regions. We can design for sheltered water conditions, using any lightweight building materials, designed with local code requirements in mind.


Superfloats pump pontoons can be employed to install in many applications, such as pump intakes, floating fountains, and pipe floats, or even a complete treatment plant. They are an attractive water feature to any property.


Superfloats engineered wetlands can be utilized in a wide range of applications, from functional stormwater or wastewater treatment to the more lucrative golf courses. Aesthetic and durable, these wetlands are designed structurally for longer term durability.


Superfloats barriers are applicable in a number of usages; be it for reservoir demarcation, river channelisation, or simply as barriers to debris, log, ice or security fence purposes. It is robustly built and custom made to your requirements.


Aluminium structures are an aesthetic, low maintenance alternative to traditional steel, applicable in gangways, boardwalks, shopfronts, enclosures, and facades, customized to suit preferences and requirements.